RD Sign is a R&D company focusing on the display of information.

The founders are electronic engineers with a 15 year background working with VR Centers, AV Setup, Industrial robot production and Maintenance of complete IT networks.

Using our commercial environment experience and the relaxation in the RC racing environment, the need for display signs became clear to us. Not just a traditional range of signs but units made to suit the customer and at a fair price.

We race in the RC area ourselves and have been working many years behind the scenes with setup and coordination of races – this gives us feedback from other drivers that we use to make our products better. The clubs’ special needs with no., communication and placement is our service/goal. These are integrated into our RaceSign solution, and therefore most RaceSign units don’t need adjustment for different clubs.

Facing the potential harsh conditions in the production areas, our BizSign units are made for simple implementation and long lasting info display. Using the RD Sign protocol and the choice of RS232 or RS485, these units deliver what PLC programmers have been searching for.

We look forward to serving you.

The founders:

Lars Pape Dreier
Rune Rafn